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Camp Fit
If your child loves Stretch-n-Grow, he/she will adore Camp Fit.  This high energy, fun
workout is sure to get your child moving!  Relays, games, obstacle courses, and so
much more!  Your child will have the time of their life while getting in shape with our
action-packed program.
Field Day
Give the children in your facility a day of funtastic fitness  through our friendly competitive
games and activities.  We come to you!
Stretch-n-Grow Fitness
Stretch-n-Grow creates and imaginary fitness adventure to a different place each time.  
Stories, chants, songs, and fun equipment get our stars moving, grooving and having fun!
Call us at:  215-723-2393 / E-mail:
Serving areas in Bucks Couny,  Montgomery County, and Coopersburg Area