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The Lehigh Valley
What is Stretch-n-Grow?
Stretch-n-Grow is the world's leading health and fitness program for
kids.  Our comprehensive curriculum helps parents and educators
teach children how to live a healthy lifestyles at a young age.  
Stretch-n-Grow has a network of 250 affiliates worldwide.  Millions of
Stretch-n-Grow stars around the world are learning the basic
fundamentals of proper exercise and nutrition.  
We make exercising EXERciting!

Our classes are filled with activities that enhance all areas of a
child's development.  Through our themed classes, our exciting
stories, motivating music, and exceptional activities & games,
children learn how to exercise and learn to love it!
Affiliates in the state of Pennsylvania work diligently to provide
our children and schools with a fitness program that gets
children moving and learning while helping educators meet
Pennsylvania Standards and NASPE Guidelines.  We provide
our clients with the very best health and fitness program around!
  • We teach proper fundamentals of basic exercise to children 15
    months to 12 years.   
  • Stretch-n-Grow offers a comprehensive health and wellness
  • Our program integrates fitness with all areas of a child's
  • We customize themes to fit your curriculum.    
  • Stretch-n-Grow will help your school meet Pennsylvania
    Standards and NASPE Guidelines.   
  • We offer a quality fitness and health program at a low cost to
    parents and a discounted rate to schools.   
  • Stretch-n-Grow can help make the link to home and school by
    providing your families with special events at your facility.   We
    can provide your staff with workshops to enhance fitness and
    health in the classroom.  
  • We supply our families with newsletters to keep them informed
    of important health topics and fitness happenings.  
  • Stretch-n-Grow is involved in the community.  The affiliates in
    Pennsylvania continually work with non-profit organizations and
Why is Stretch-n-Grow the best
fitness program worldwide?
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